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About Nature's Gift Safaris

NATURE'S GIFT SAFARIS has a purpose and a message far beyond that of the ordinary safari company.  David Mtui is the founder and owner of the Nature's Gift Safaris, a tourism safari company. He was born in Tanzania at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, a member of the Chagga tribe. The name Nature's Gift was chosen by David for his keen interest in caring for “nature and the environment".   His concept is simple:

“Nature is a free gift from the Creator.  We should all cherish it and give maximum care to Mother Nature." 

The concept of “Travel with Purpose” was co-founder Elizabeth Hudgin's thinking. She believed that our clients who come for safari should at the same time be able to deeply encounter and interact with local craftspeople, artisans, community leaders and people as well as experience important community places like ordinary markets, artists's studios, the Tamahi Orphanage Centre, the Disabled People's Projects and many local Schools and Hospitals.  For her, this adds to the flavour of the purpose of your travel. Tanzania is a developing country which welcomes visiting minds and helping hands.  

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away in July of 2021.  To honour her legacy, NGS is establishing the "Elizabeth Hudgin Centre for Sustainability" at the Mrefu Eco-Lodge.  The Centre gives real meaning to "Eco" and real purpose to being with Community.

Click here to learn more about Elizabeth Hudgin.   Click here to learn more about the Elizabeth Hudgin Centre

Cheetahs on Safari
African Lions

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There are several routes one can hike on Kilimanjaro - Marangu route, Machame route, Rongai route, Umbwe route, Londorosi route and Lemosho route.

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