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Cultural Tours and Encounters

These amazing tours are often part of a safari but can be taken individually by request.

Chagga Culture

Native to the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Chagga live in Marangu, an area of panoramic mountain views, rainforest, and waterfalls. You will visit many Chagga cultural activities including the local blacksmith, Chagga Banana beer brewery, underground hiding caves used during Chagga and Maasai tribal wars, etc..

rmf at base of waterfall.jpg
Chagga house ceiling.jpg
Julius mixing banana beer mash.jpg
Chagga cuture cup drink.jpeg

Hadzabes Culture

The Hadzabe (Wahadza in Swahili), are a Tanzanian indigenous ethnic group mostly based in the southwest Arusha Region. Hunters and gatherers who live off the land, these bush men date back to pre-historic times.

Massai Culture

Visit a traditional Massai boma and learn about the culture of one of East Africa’s largest and most famous tribes. Witness their ancient life style, learn about their fascinating culture and why they’ve resisted changing their traditional nomadic way of life in modern times.

Maasai 3 with white faces.jpeg
Masaai Culture EH with people.jpeg

Waswahili (Swahili) Culture

The East African coastal Waswahili people, speakers of the Swahili language, give spice tours of Zanzibar, a lush island known for growing everything from cloves to vanilla and for its architecture.

Hazdzabes Culture fire stick.jpeg
Swahili woman and children.jpeg
Swahili Culture-Lamu_door.jpeg
Swahili Culture.jpeg

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There are several routes one can hike on Kilimanjaro - Marangu route, Machame route, Rongai route, Umbwe route, Londorosi route and Lemosho route.

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